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Who am I?

I am a go to market consultant.

But what does that mean?

It means I help startups create an action plan. A plan that defines how to improve their current way of business and maps out a better path to reach customers.
Ultimately, increasing revenue.

I consider myself a life long learner. My favorite thing about this job is the opportunity to see inside businesses and learn new ways and models.
I've been working in the SaaS world since 2016. Selling into many different businesses, getting to learn many different businesses.
To be successful in sales, its important to understand your customers, their business, and what matters to them.

That same princicple applies in a go to market strategy.

I find this fun. And fun mixed with passion is what everyone dreams about. I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social impact.

Really, all I want is to make our shared world a better place for everyone.

And by helping impact driven startups succeed, I'm doing just that.


The Process


Current state analysis
Problem Diagnosis

Deep Dive

Detailed analysis
Industry best practices
Gap analysis

Future State Design

Target state
Roadmap to target state
Detailed implementation plan

Working with Jessica is a blessing. From project inception through planning and delivery, Jessica is creative, knowledgeable, and delivers on time.

Muli Motola

CEO, accSenSe

Jessica has played a very important role in developing the Israeli UEM market. Jessica is a very energetic person, and has inspired and motivated our team. Although the global Covid19 crisis during last year, together we have achieved amazing results... due to the strong relationship based on mutual trust, and aggressive commercial strategies that Jessica has helped us implement. She is a soul player with endless passion for achievements! It has been a pleasure and a great learning journey working side-by-side.

Reuven Mayster

CEO, Symphony Solutions

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